My name is Stacey and I am owner and operator of Tuxedo Home Maintenance. I grew up working construction with my father starting at 12 years old. We did it all, from concrete to home remodeling to roofing and everything in-between. That was decades ago and since then I've worked in information technology for some of the largest corporations in America while working on my own properties on the side before ultimately establishing Tuxedo Home Maintenance. I've hired many contractors in my years as a homeowner and landlord and I've found it rather difficult to find tradesmen that demonstrate actual pride in their work, and that's a pity because America was made great by Pride - not just in our culture but in our abilities.


Our goal at Tuxedo Home Maintenance is to work with you as if we were working on our own property:


  • We'll communicate transparently, always.
  • We'll make a plan and we'll work the plan, and if surprises happen in the middle of the job we'll communicate with you.

  • We'll clean up after ourselves after the job is complete.


Our company charges a fair price for premium service, transparent communication and experienced craftsmanship. We don't expect or desire to land every job, but we hope we're the right company for you!



If you are a remote investor and require assistance with local property photography (images for Craigslist or yourself, a video walk-through) along with a thoughtful description on property condition, let me know since I'm an investor myself and can be your feet-on-the-ground that I often wish I had in the past. Typically, this service is priced at $250 depending upon driving distance for me. This service isn't meant to replace a certified home inspection - my service is 'macro level' and I would consider a home inspector to be 'micro level'.


Drywall Repair

Plumbing Fixture

Replace, Repair

Deck Maintenance

Fence Repair

(Light) Painting

Disposal Install

Ceiling Fan Install

Shutters Refinish,


Toilet Repair,


Vinyl Floor Install

TV Mount Install

Chandelier Install

Furniture Assembly

Change Door Locks

Shower Door,

Curtain Install

Dishwasher Install

Hang Art, Mirrors

Build, Install


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